Chris Gragtmans Pro Spotlight

“The Highlight of his life!!!” Chris Gragtmans, coming on LVM issue 15. Watch the theatrical trailer.

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You may know him as Granthams, G-money, Gretel, Graglehams, or some combo of the aforementioned, but really it’s Gragtmans. That’s pronounced Grot-Mans, as in a man’s grot. And Chris has a lot of Grot for a man such as himself.

Note the serious, scholarly look on his face.

This year it’s like every day is Christmas day for Chris Gragtmans. First he shows up in Men’s Journal looking all wikkidy wack, doing some kind of crazy new fangled cut back thing, then the highlight of his life shows up on LVM. What’s next for that little feller?

Note the magazine heard round the world.

I will mention that if you can pick up a copy of the Men’s Journal, February issue, the article that Chris’ photo is in is quite humorous. It’s a feature in that issue, “2005 Adventure Planner,” that tells you where to go for an outdoor adventure each month of the year. April happens to be the Nolichucky River in North Carolina. The funny part is where it explains what to do after your trip on the Noli. It explains that you should head back to Asheville and, “Celebrate your survival with a cocktail and massage at the Grove Park Inn, where the Roosevelts and Rockefellers have put their feet.” Well HHHHHHEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHAAAAAAAWWWWWWW to that! That’s all.

Enjoy the “theatrical trialer” of Chris’ spotlight. Also, note that all the shots in the trailer are “b-side” footage that didn’t make the hollywood, big-wig, new york city, wall street journal, stocks and bonds, editor’s table, directors cut. We saved all the aboslutely Incredible footage for the World Tour of the video release. This will get you all lubed up for the real thing though.
Click Here to watch the trailer

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