Bob Esponja, Speed Bumps and Faucet Ass: Kayak Surfing the Ecuador Coast – Part 3

click here to watch the Playa Canoa surfing video. Quicktime 10.8mb

Why almost day 10? Because of a little 2.5” round formally magnetic piece of metal known as my computer’s hard drive, that’s why! I’ll bet half of Equador thinks a hard drive is a trip to town to go see the doctor. Little do they know that here in the states a hard drive is a thing that causes a good part of your daily routine to come to a screeching halt when it craps out on you. I just love being greeted by the blue screen of death when trying to boot up the computer. For added amusement the computer automatically reboots after dying just in case you weren’t fully annoyed by the last four failed attempts, nice touch Mr. Gates.

Anyway, it is a bummer because you all will have to wait until FedEx shows up with my new hard drive to get the third journal entry and some of the photos. Yeah, I know, you’re just clinging to the edge of your seats waiting for the next exciting post of two kayakers getting abused by waves and acting like morons on land. Well the third post that starts with day 10 is the one with the best kayaking footage, the best lighting, the best waves, and some more beautiful scenery so you’ll like it when it gets posted (yes my tongue is sticking out at you). Here are some tidbits to string you along until the FedEx guy shows up and I reload all of my software. Sorry, we’ll deliver post three on Monday. Until then enjoy these scraps and go back up your computers.

Drew Hayes

music on the video is by Paint it Black – Courtesy

This is Augustine. He was the night watchman at one of the places we stayed in front of a surf break, Mompiche.

A couple years ago he caught this 4 meter shark right out where we were surfing. We learned the method for catching these big boys: Hook on a large hunk of meat or fish and throw your line (rope) out to dangle in the tide. Secure it to a palm tree. When mr jaws latches on he fights the palm tree until he tires. Several people then tug-o-war him close to shore where two guys hop in the water with him. One guys spears him in the back of the head and the other cuts his nose off with a machete. The tired shark quickly bleeds to death. There are apparently an abundance of large sharks off the coast of Ecuador. We even heard that a 12 meter Tiger Shark had recently been caught very close to where we were surfing. Supposedly the Japanese come in and buy the fins for shark fin soup.

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