Jho’s new video clip

Here is Joey’s new video clip.
Quicktime Video 6.3mb
We call him J-ho, though he in no way resembles J-lo. I slapped the video together this evening with a few shots we got of him recently around SC, NC and AL. So take a look at my good man. Joey is the dude whose creative workings bring you the Necky.com web site, Neckyfilms.tv, this very Blog, TeamNecky.com and much more. You can look at the web site for his company, Deadman Productions, at deadmanproductions.com . If you ever meet Joey you’ll find that he’s a really nice guy. He is incredibly artistic, really funny, and a great paddler to boot. I mean that as in, you might like to boot him while he’s being a great paddler. He really opens himself up to that kind of thing. Watch out though, he boots back.

Music in the video is by Trial By Fire

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