Eastern Canada trip with Chris – Part 1

C eh, N eh, D eh. What do you got? CANADA!

Click here to download our first video installment of the trip, edited by Chris. This file is in Quicktime format, 16.3mb. PC and Mac users both should have no problem downloading and viewing this format. Music on the video is by Statistics
Also, the videos from the last two posts have been updated and should now be viewable by PC or Mac. Links are at bottom of this post to save you some navigation time.

Tuesday, May 17
Chris G and I departed my house in Fairview NC at 7:30am for our, hopefully, grand adventure to Eastern Canada.
Here is the truck all packed up in the driveway.

To cut short the suspense we have made it here and the adventure has been quite grand so far. Before I go any further I should say that Chris is a full time wise guy, therefore I have the pleasure of being mocked over nearly every word that comes out of my mouth. We have become good enough friends now that he feels that he should compliment me with the same annoying torture that he might inflict onto his younger brother or sisters. He’s a good guy though so I do take it as a compliment and don’t often crack under the pressure of his childish irritations and physically abuse him. If you ever meet him and he treats you the same it’s probably because he likes you, so don’t get too upset.

Back to the road: We cranked out about thirteen hours on I-81 and stopped in for a visit and night’s sleep with my good friend Dakota Potenza in Ithaca, NY. We didn’t really sleep with Dakota, but near him. Well, not near him physically but in a room next to him. I’m glad we got that issue cleared up. After a good night’s sleep we ate some instant oatmeal and headed a couple hours up the road to the Black River in Watertown, NY, where we took a short park and play hiatus from the drive at Hole Brothers play spot.
On the way we stopped at this waterfall, Taughannock Falls to take a look. It was quite immense.

Hole Brothers is a fun play spot where nearly every move is possible. I would absolutely love to have a spot like this close to my home. It’s not the largest or most dynamic spot, but really fun. I think a couple shots from there are in the video.
Us at Hole Brothers in New York. I think they should get with the times and rename it Hole Bras.

Here’s the brotherly hole itself.

Onward with the journey, we crossed the border into Ontario, knocking out the last three hours of driving. Into Quebec, we stopped in a town just East of Montreal called Chambly, which is where we remain two days later. The Richelieu River flows through Chambly before it dumps into the St Lawrence. Richelieu is a pretty big river by my standards. Probably about 10-15,000 cfs of flow. I could be way off on that. Anyway, enough volume to form a two really fun waves where we paddled for a couple hours upon our arrival on Wednesday evening. We had an all day session on Thursday too. A local paddler named Francois (Frank) Bergeron showed us over here and paddled with us both days. He paddles a Vibe and is also in the video. There is one wave here that is about 3-4 feet tall and another one, which is a bit smaller.
Me on the top wave.

Chris on the bottom wave.

Both waves are pretty fast but very friendly. The Orbit Fish is incredible on these waves. So fast. This boat is noticeably faster than saaaaay…greased lightening, the gestation period of a rabbit, a ninja, or anything in between. We can’t wait to head over to Montreal today to surf at Lachine, which is supposed to be about twice the size, Twice the size of what you might ask? Maybe twice the size of a Holstein cow, or Uranus. ?? Anyway, the bros told us the wave was like 50 feet tall or something.

So take a gander at our video footage from Chambly. It was a real hoot and if you’re ever around Montreal it is worthwhile to go surf there if it’s going. PC and Mac users both should have no problem viewing this video in Quicktime format.

Music on the video is by Statistics

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