Eastern Canada trip with Chris – Part 3

Birthday cake

So the Canada trip was quite an experience. I’d love to go back another time. Chris is lucky to spend his summers there. In conclusion of the Canadian adventure Chris flew home for his sister’s high school graduation and I drove home, stopping to do a demo for Appomattox River Company in Richmond, Virginia. Later, Chris and I met back in North Carolina and celebrated with a big birthday cake.

Richmond was fun. I got to goof off with some locals down at Z-Dam on the James River for a couple hours. It’s a really neat play spot. If you didn’t guess already, it’s a Z shaped dam that crosses the river’s width. Built as a fish ladder, the dam has a thirty foot break with a gentle sloping pourover coming through. I’ve played here a few times over the past few years. At the right level this place is super fun to loop and cartwheel. Here were a couple decent rides in the Vibe. click here to download. quicktime format.

Thanks to the nice folks at Appomattox River Co.

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