Green Race 2005

I’ve been trying to find an excuse to start this blog and this seemed like a good one. Green race results.

I placed 5th in the short boat category with a 5 min. 15 sec. time in the Riot Magnum.
This was my race line at Go Left.

My friend Chris Gragtmans placed 2nd in long boat with a 4:40 in a Tornado. Gragtmans also placed 7th in Short boat and was the ironman (racers who do long and short boat class. you have to hike back up the river and get your short boat after you race long boat) winner. I think he won the impromptu head-2-head race as well.
Chris’ line at go left in the short boat class.

photos of Chris and I are courtesy of

We both used our iPods with H2O Audio housings in the race and loved it. It’s an awesome motivator to have music in your ears when you’re doing something like this.

My good friend Caleb Coaplen placed 8th in long boat as well with a 4:58.
Caleb is pictured here charging through speed trap below gorilla.

photo by

Here is a link the full Green Race Results ’05 at Jackson Kayak’s site.

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