Goofball Voicemails

The intellect of many of my good friends is more than often questionable. This is not an insult to those guys but more so insight for you. And maybe I’m just telling myself this to justify the fact that I associate with a bunch of heehaws. At any rate, here are some really retarted, yet entertaining phone messages I received recently. They are small MP3 files. Please download and listen at your own discretion.

Drew Hayes leaves me a surf report way too loud and annoying – Surf Report Download

Mitchell Morton serenades with a beautiful, off-the-hip tune, ASS CLOWN. A real sing along that should hit the top 40 charts before too long – Download Ass Clown. Mitchell really is an incredible musician in real life. His main band at the moment is Flav-o-rich.

Nathan McDade busts out this nasty freestyle rap after inquiring about an H2O Audio housing. Dude is hilarious. Nate Dawg Download

Israel Putnam is the least sarcastic guy I know. And I have a button I can push on my arm that makes me sprout wings and fly while fireworks shoot out of my butt. That was completely unnecessary, and so is Israel’s constant badgering of “pro boaters.” Not really though. Listen to Israel

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