Oatmeal and Jay Brown

Two of my friend’s bands put up new web sites today.



Oatmeal is a jazzy, hiphop influenced collection headed up by my best friend Mitchell Morton. Mitch and the other Oatmeal guys were previously members of Flipside Phonics and Flavorich, now defunct, but da funct stayed with these guys. Listen to some sound samples on their site and listen for their songs on some of my upcoming videos.


Each time I’ve seen Jay play I think of Bob Dylan. Jay even played Subterrainian Homesick Blues for me one time…well, part of it anyway. Go see Jay Brown if you get a chance. He’s very entertaining and a heck of a nice guy.

“Founding member of the old time, swing band Lazybirds, Jay Brown is focusing on his solo career”…Read more…

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