Here we go. I guess this is the news. Let’s seeeeee. I put a post on the Riot Blog about Joey Hall. You could read that for some entertainment…read… Joey is a heehaw of a guy. So, we got that out of the way. Next on the list… issssss. Oh yeah, Joey and I competed at the first of a series of surf contests that the ESKA is putting on this Spring. This was in Jacksonville, FL. Read about dat too… Twas a ton of fun. We had wicked awesome surf. I took 2nd in HP & 3rd in IC. Jho took 1st inthe Big Trick Contest. This was the podium for the HP division. Left to right is Gordon Rock, Carlos Marrone, Myself, then Anthony Bell

Oh man, the biggest news of all. Soon will be hosting the first official Moustache Growing Contest of Paddle Sports. Come back soon to sign up, compete, humiliate yourself and maybe win a prize or not. It will be great. Since I’m the only one who reads this I’ll be the only one to compete. All the fabulous prizes for me and a big lightening bolt moustache.

Ahhh, let’s seeeee…. Nothing else I can think of. Crap.

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