I feel honored to work for such weirdos. John and Kara Weld are truly freaks of nature.

They must live underneath some power lines. Ooh! I bet that will make their mustache hair grow all funky or something.

Other strange news…

My good friend Joey Hall left me a present on my office wall recently. Everyone should see this. It is truly a work of art and a political statement about the economy… errrrr, terrorist acts and stuff…

Click it for fuller size

Effort.tv is thinking about making this into a t-shirt. It’s crazy that this web site can think about t-shirt designs. Recently I interviewed Joey Hall about surf kayaking. That’s something I like to do from time to time. Interview my friends. Anyway, Joey said that he, "don’t need no surf report, he just goes to the beach." Spoken like a true professional ladies and gentlemen. He don’t take no crap off nobody, and he don’t need to surf report to go surfing. Now that’s assertive!

More other news, not strange. Took a run on the Green River yesterday at 100% with some young fellers. Well, they’re 10 years younger than me so I can call them young I guess.

We shot a little of the run… HERE

GREEN RIVER 02.23.06

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