Well, it’s official. The "new car smell" in my 2004 model vehicle has all but dissipated and has now been replaced by a permanent fart odor. Not sure how that happened… hmmmm… Oh. Bound to happen when you spend countless hours behind the wheel. What, do you expect a person to hold it? That’s self mutilation.

So the real interesting thing is that when you hit the seat with your hand it omits a stale fart smell. I guess there’s a ton of stored up fart gas in the seat. I knew I should have spent the extra money and gotten leather seats. Doh!

More extremely important news:

Today we announced the incredible prize packages for the Mustache Contest. See the details with your own eyes…

And, and and and… a huge Mustache Contest fan writes in with some suggestions. Read…

There was some other important news but nothing as pressing as those things. That’s it for now. Now stay off the drugs dang it.

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