Sincere apologizes to my two viewers for not updating the site recently. There’s really no excuse except that I’ve been trying to do some stuff that actually makes money and pays the bills. And I haven’t done a very good job at that.

News today…

In cooperation with Catalyst Media (Chris Gragtmans) & Deadman Productions (Joey Hall), Effort Inc will produce it’s first DVD, to be realeased soon. Probably around May. The self esteemed flic will be named…


More on this as things develop.

It has some to my attention that some people think that the Mustache Contest is a joke. Well, it is a joke, but it’s a real contest too. Starts April 1.

Next, I put up a new trip report on the Riot Blog. Last week Chris Gragtmans and I went to the NAWFest and to Rock Island. Twas fun.

Words, video, photos… Wow!

Finally, a new dealer profile on the site. It’s for Rock Creek Outfitters in TN. These guys are awesome and have been a huge supporter of mine for several years. Check them out.

Read more…

I have recently had some new images published in various spots.

See the published page in the photo section…

Thanks for coming out. I’ll be here all week,

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