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I have just returned from a month in Colorado and Wyoming with the Academy of Huge Experiences, traveling with trip co-leader, Jason Aytes, and nine of the coolest 15-17 year old paddlers I could imagine. It was a real privelege to travel with those guys. Please take a moment to check out our trip blogs if you have a second.

And check out Huge Experiences web site to learn more about their program.

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While in Colorado we attended the US National Freestyle Kayak Championships, held at the Salida play park. I myself was just shy of making finals but decided to film it nonetheless. I must say that this was bar none, the most impressive hole competition I’ve ever seen, and the hardest competitive field I’ve seen. These are highlight videos I put together of the men’s pro finals. They are listed in order of how the person placed in nationals. Enjoy and learn.

(some of these links may not work now since i had to take some of the files offline. i needed the space.)
1st Place Stephen Wright

2nd Place Bryan Kirk

3rd Place Jimmy Blakeney

4th Place John Myer

5th Place Clay Wright

6th Place Todd Baker

7th Place Jed Selby

8th Place Greg Parker

9th Place Dustin Urban

10th Place Seth Chapel

11th Place Andre Spino-Smith

If you can’t tell from the video it takes an incredible amount of concentration and precision to be able to throw all the moves that are being done in a one minute ride. I have the women’s rides as well but have been unable to edit those yet. I will put those up too.

Now the big news. The store

is finally functional and is selling the new kayak DVD, ENTER the DONKEY.

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Additionally, and Deadman Productions have put our new DRUG FREE LIFESTYLE t-shirt on sale at the online store.

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