September twentyturd, 2006 Announces today, Sept. twentyturd that we will be doing all our future updates, starting today, every turd, on the turd. So come back here for the latest on the turd, the turdteenth, the twentyturd and the turdieth. This stunning concept inspired by the Irish. Many tanks to the Irish.

In other news we have posted an exciting profile on your favorite retail store, NOC.

Please visit this link to read about your good people at the Nantahala. LINK… and Deadman Productions are proud to announce that the Drug Free Lifestyle t-shirts have sold out. The only chance to still get one of these popular shirts is to buy it from NOC or the US National Whitewater Center retail stores. They do have some in stock.

We will be coming out with some new designs, hopefully in time for the holidays. Check the store at that time.

In even more news, I am glad to announce that Enter The Donkey, the kayaking DVD, is nearly out of stock after selling close to 1000 copies. We are not sure exactly what we are going to do about making more copies. There are around 200 left that will hopefully last us through October. After that we will decide whether or not to reduplicate the DVD. Although we will proudly be making at 5% donation of our sales to the Green River Access Fund and the Eastern Surf Kayaking Assocation.


Lastly, I was honored to have become a National Champion last weekend at the US National Surf Kayaking Championships at the Outer Banks on North Carolina. I won 1st place in the International Class as well as a second place, National Champion Runner Up, in the K1 class. I will be posting video highlights here soon and there will be blog posts regarding the event on Riot’s blog and the ESKA web site. Until then keep your pants on.

Hugs and kisses,

Spencer Cooke,

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