All the Effort.tv news has been moved over to this blog. This will be easier to update and is certainly better for archiving all the old posts. I have consolidated all the news since the site launch as well as a couple significant blog posts from last year’s Ecuador surf kayaking trips, etc… Dig through the archives if you want to see about those trips.

As I mentioned in the last post I truly do want to do my site updates on the turds. Meaning the turd, turdteenth, twentyturd and turdieth. Maybe even the turdyfirst. With that in mind, I just may not be able to wait for the turd on some of these posts, so you could be surprised to find updates here that are not on the turds. After all, you shouldn’t force your turds… they should come naturally.

Sometimes I think I kid around too much. Then later on when I need you to take me seriously you may just think I’m joking. Okay, from now on I’m being totally serious.


Spencer Cooke, Effort.tv

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