Green River Narrows – Fund Raising Project 2006

Green River Video Project Completed – $10,000 donated to the Green River Access Fund

It’s that special time of year! No, not Halloween, not Christmas, not Flag Day! Green Race Day is rapidly approaching and love is in the air! With all the excitement abound I figured it would be cool to share something special.

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Here are the three of us, Mr Greenhagen, Brian and myself, working on our first day of shooting, just below Go Left.

photo courtesty of Abhay Patel

This spring, a long time paddling friend of mine, Brian Miller, called me up with an exciting proposition, to get paid for filming him on the Green River Narrows for a couple days. He didn’t have to twist my arm much to say the least. Only after Brian explained the full scope of the project did I truly feel like this was a job that meant more than just paddling and filming, two things I do all the time. A recent article in Canoe & Kayak details the project and features comments from Brian MIller. To preface that article I wanted to briefly explain the project. Zimmer, Inc is the largest orthopedic device company in the world. They were looking for exciting, compelling, whitewater video footage with which to metaphorically relate the sales of their products. They used comparisons of all classes of whitewater with orthopedic sales to produce a motivational video for their employees worldwide. The video features none other than former C1 and OC1 National and World Champion, Brian Miller. Brian is a real ham in front of the camera and he’s smooth like butter on the water, making him the perfect man for this job. Through Brian’s connections in his profession as a Pharmaceutical Rep he was able to connect the three of us, Zimmer, himself and myself, to execute this project. An outdoor lover himself, Mr. Richard Greenhagen from Zimmer, was so inspried by our precious paddling resourse that he compassionately donated $10,000 to the Green River Access Fund in memory of Daniel DeLaVergne.
Click here to read the full article at Canoe & Kayak .

We express gratitude to our great pal, Ray Cotton, for carrying my still camera down the river and shooting some shots for us. As well, Brian’s friend, Abhay Patel, hiked into the Narrows with Mr Richard Greenhagen and took photos. Thanks again and again to Mr Greenhagen himself for the generous donation to the Green River fund. I am very proud and honored to have been involved in such a meaningful project. It’s not often that I get such an opportunity.

I’m filming atop the rock as Brian Goes Left.

Photo taken by Ray Cotton

Regarding the video: What you will download here is not the actual video produced by Zimmer, Inc, which was the purpose of this project to begin with. This is simply a highlight reel of all the filming we did in three full days on the water. Footage includes helmet-cam and every other angle we could get of those Green River rapids we all love so much. In an effort to give a realistic portrayal of the paddling that actually went on, the video shows the good lines and the crashes, including a crash of mine at Nutcracker. Oops. If you know the Green you will see that the rapids are edited in order, top to bottom. Please enjoy the video and make sure to thank and support the companies who supported this project: Liquidlogic, Astral, Aquabound, IR, Outdoor Sports Marketing and Shred Ready.

To read the full article about this project go to

They have posted some nice comments from Brian and more facts about the video shoot.

Meanwhile, take a look at some more photos from our work on the river. Photos were taken by Ray Cotton and Abhay Patel.

Filming Brian at Zwick’s Back Ender.

Photo taken by Ray Cotton

Meet Mr. Richard Greenhagen, loving his experience down in the narrows.

Photo courtesy Abhay Patel

Mr Greenhagen meets us at the bottom of Scream Machine. He was blown away by the awe-inspiring sights of the gorge and size of the rapids.

Photos courtesy Abhay Patel

Brian ran Go Left & Die perfectly three out of four times. Here was one of the beautiful runs where he lays out on a cross bow stroke as he lines up for the slot. The first shot of that sequence reminds me of a bottom turn in the surf. Absolutely beautiful body position and boat control.

Here Brian flies like a bird off Gorilla.

Photo courtesy Abhay Patel

Click HERE to watch the video.

To read the full article about this project go to

See you out there,

Spencer Cooke,

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