Welcome to Effort.tv news on October Turdieth,

Who said this news had to be about kayaking. That’s boring. New topic. Tomorrow is Halloween, therefore I recommend two horror moives to rent for this event:

1) “Shaun of the Dead” Released in 2004

I could watch this movie time and time again and not get sick of it. It is very British and very funny. Imagine a downright kneeslapping, heehawwing “Dawn of The Dead” and this is it. You may even recognize two of the most popular cast members from “The Office” (British version), Dawn and Tim.
Here’s a link to the official UK “Shaun of the Dead” site. It has a hilarious video game you can play where you throw vinyl records at zombies, like in the movie. I played this thing for like 15 minutes before I got tired of it. Actually I didn’t get tired of it. Currently I don’t own a copy of this movie but I plan to.

2) “Army of Darkness” Released in 1992, starring Bruce Campbell

I couldn’t really find any good sites about Army of Darkness but here’s one that has a bunch of stuff about all the Evil Dead movies, which Army of Darkness is one of. geocities.com/evildeadpage
I do own this movie on VHS and when it came out on DVD I bought that too. Needless to say I’ve seen it a handful of times. My wife is not too fond of this flick but believe me it’s completely and totally hilarious and rondiculous. You just can’t get sick of it. Bruce Campbell plays the character, Ash, who is an S-Mart (like Kmart) employee who gets sucked into this medieval dimension where the “Deadites” are taking over. He uses his modern smarts, and smartassness, to defeat the Deadites and win the respect of the common folk.

I know I said two movies but I just thought of another one.
3) “Bubba Ho-Tep” Released in 2002, also starring Bruce Campbell, of Evil Dead/Army of Darkness fame.

In this movie Bruce plays the part of Elvis Presley, old and decrepit and in a nursing home. Nobody believes that he is actually Elvis. The “horror” part of this movie is a mummy that invades the nursing home. It’s pretty funny. I own this DVD as well and am particularly keen on it, not because it is really funny and Bruce Campbell plays a great role, but because two great friends of mine were involved in the making of this film. One of my best and dearest friends, who I’ve known since elementary school, Avery Taylor, was a picture model in the film. That means that he is in a photograph in the film. Another friend, Danny Vecchione, who I met in high school and went to art school with at VCU in Richmond VA, was the production designer on this film. That means he designed the set. Originally I bought the DVD just to support my friends and was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the movie.
The official web site is bubbahotep.com

All this horror movie talks brings us full circle, back to kayaking. Why? Because the sequel to “Enter The Donkey”

Released in 2006 by Effort Inc, Catalyst Media and Deadman Productions might bear the title, “Night of the Living Donkeys.” Right now it’s just something we’re tossing around the office but maybe, just maybe we’ll call it that. We will need some zombies to fly out of the water at the bottom of rapids and at play spots. We’re trying to work out that minor detail.

Speaking of horror videos, I have updated the video gallery archives on Effort.tv. Somehow I forgot to do that for the past five months but it’s all there now. Here’s the page effort.tv/videogallerykayakarchives.htm including a brand new video I just put up on the Linville Gorge.

Further, Effort.tv will be featuring a Panama surf kayaking trip with Ray Cotton and Drew Hayes later in November. Ray and Drew left two days ago for a twelve day surf adventure. The surf report was excellent and they took Effort Inc’s video camera and telephoto lens. They’ll be doing a full blog report like we did about our
Ecuador surf trips, complete with photos, video and without a doubt, moronic behavior.

See you on the turd of November,

Spencer Cooke, Effort.tv

ps. Here’s my Halloween costume. I’m dressed as Chubbs from Happy Gilmore. Pictured at the end of my fingers is Travis McDowell (co-star of Enter The Donkey. You might notice him licking something.),who is dressed as a librarian.

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