November twentyturd – Today is’s annual photo issue. Please enjoy some of my favorite photos from the past year.

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Enter The Donkey is to have its Southwestern premiere in Nevada on December 9th.

Hosted by good buddy Colin Kemp, of Jackson Kayak, at the Patagonia distribution center
6-11 PM and it’s a pot luck dinner, byob (for infants that means bring your own breast milk)
For questions please contact
Thanks Colin!

NEWS from h2o audio – Two new products: On 12/01 they will start shipping the waterproof housing for the 2nd generation iPod Nano as well as a new, less expensive Nano housing, the Outdoor Series.
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Here is the all new h2o audio Outdoor Series iPod Nano housing. It very easily fits both the 1st and 2nd generation iPod Nanos. The retail price on this little jewel is $39.95, available at your finer outdoor shopping venues such as Diamond Brand Outdoors, Great Outdoor Provision Company, NOC and more.

Some key points to know about the h2o audio Outdoor Series iPod Nano housing:
1) It is a rugged case that includes belt clip and sport armband for $ 39.99 MSRP
2) Fits BOTH nano models (1st and 2nd gen.)
3) For outdoor enthusiasts who are not necessarily looking to use their iPod in the water, but want to take it into the elements, this is the product for them.
4) The Outdoor Series housing is not meant for in-water use like the h2o audio series, waterproof housings. Instead it is more of a light duty housing, suitable for backpacking, camping, cycling, running or everyday iPod use. We’ll call it element resistant rather than waterproof or water resistant.
5) The Outdoor Series housing does have the patented Commander™ Scroll Wheel function, allowing its user to control every function of the iPod from the outside of the case.

6) To install your iPod Nano into the housing simply slide the locking mechanisms on the sides of the case into the upward, open position. Lift the easy to open lid.

7) If using a 1st gen iPod Nano you will lift and remove the plastic shim provided in the case. If using a 2nd gen iPod Nano, which is thinner, leave the plastic shim in place. Then, lay the ipod face up in the case.

8) Then close the case making sure the silicone seal is in place and that it is free of debris. Take a look at the bottom of the housing. You will see two silicone caps, one for the iPod Dock connector or charger and one for a headphone jack.

9) Upon opening these caps you will see that you are unable to allow liquid or debris to make contact with these areas while the iPod is exposed, though the remainder of the iPod is still fully protected. You may connect your charger, dock connector and/or headphone jack.

10) Begin charging and/or listening to your iPod while it is in the Outdoor Series housing. You may close either one of the silicone caps while using the other if you like.

11) The Outdoor Series housing comes with a belt clip allowing the housing to be attached almost anywhere. It also comes with a neoprene, sport armband.

12) The Outdoor Series housing fits nicely to an aftermarket, bicycle, handlebar mount.

As far as paddling goes, I definitely wouldn’t paddle with this housing, but I think the Outdoor Series housing has an application for paddlers. That application is hiking. There are plenty of rivers where you have to hike for quite sometime, either to or from the water, where a shock and element resistant housing would be great but you don’t really need the waterproof, submersible housing. Here in the Southeast the Linville, Toxaway, Raven Fork, Big Creek and Horsepasture are just a few examples of runs that have hikes long enough to listen to your iPod.
Click the logo to visit h2o audio’s web site

Coming on November Turdieth is the Panama Surf Kayak Adventure with Drew Hayes and Ray Cotton. It should be really funny and entertaining.

Happy Turkey Sack,

Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc.

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