November Turdieth! Actually, today is Black November Turdieth, the biggest shopping day of the year!

Nah, in reality, today is “moron of the year day.” I got all your votes and the results are in!
Regis and Kelly’s stupid asses won! Congrats to them on being crowned morons.

It was a toss up between them and George Bush but Regis and Kelly have actually said more stupid, superficial, moronic things… so they won. What does this have to do with anything at all? I have no idea. All I know is that those numbnut, a-holes don’t deserve their own tv show, and neither does George Bush. Actually Gorge Bush could probably have a pretty funny tv show, like a huntin’ or oil drillin’ show. Or it could be like a reality show where George Bush travels cross country in an RV with a completely incompatible co-star, like… like… ahhh… It would have to be someone who was of another ethnicity, preferably gay, perhaps Hindu, vegan and female. I’m not sure who that would be but it would be one heck of a good show fo sho. Maybe when they got across country, to Texas of course, George could show her how to drill some erl, real proper like. Then they could go out and celebrate with a steak dinner at Western Sizzlin’. The end.

Next song!

Today’s regular programming has been cancelled and will never be shown again.

The real reason I’m writing is this… I have a new Effort Inc T-Shirt for sale featuring Go Left rapid from the Green River Narrows. The words at the top read Paddle Video Photo, which is exatly what is going on in the photo. It’s a photo of me filming Brian Miller paddling. Here’s what it looks like:

Click Here to visit the web store where you can purchase the shirt.

The T-Shirt design relates the business and workings of Effort Inc and was inspired by the below photo sequence, which has a story, more photos and video to go along with it. That is all in a previous blog post .

Good day,

Spencer Cooke,

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