I skipped out on the December twenty-turd blog post so here’s one on the twenty-sexth.

Happy holidays to everyone. First, I wanted to thank Colin Kemp in Reno NV for hosting what was probably the last Enter The Donkey premiere. Sounds like they had a big boater holiday party with lots of food and friends. Colin said there were four or five screens with ETD and some other kayaking films.

Recently I launched the first of a new series of online kayaking videos by Effort.tv – Mion Footwear will be the presenting sponsor of these videos from now on. Mion is a new shoe company that is completely committed to making footwear for the amphibious athlete and doing it in the most environmentally friendly way as possible. Check them out at www.MionFootwear.com . Meanwhile, here’s the first video presented by Mion…
click here to see Lower Elk video!

December 1st was a great day! I made a really fun trip down the Toxaway River with some great friends, including long time paddling buddy, Brad Kee. Click Kee’s picture below to check out a bunch of photos from our day on the creek.

If you looked through the Toxaway photo gallery there is a photo of Chris Gragtmans filming Dylan Bruce at Minigizer rapid. I was tooling around with the photo and came up with this design for a possible t-shirt. I wonder what people would think of this? The green would be the t-shirt color and the screen would be black/white/grey.

This summer I shot some video of a crazy looking beetle running across my driveway. I put it up on my youtube channel, which is youtube.com/kayakvideo Enjoy, it’s pretty funny.

Lastly, in an effort to keep folks up to date with the goings on of the Riot kayak team we have put up a google calendar that can be accessed through the Riot Blog , in the links section on the side. We’ve listed events, team members who will be present, and links to those event’s web sites.

That’s enough. Have a happy Yule. Eat a yule log if you have one. Heck, throw one in the fireplace or if you get the urge drop a yule log. Sometimes you have to.

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