January Turd, 2007

Ahh, a new year. Fresh, clean and ready to ruin. So without further hesitation I give you…

the top 10 things that make a whitewater kayaking video, courtesy of Ross and James from Diamond Brand Paddle Sports in Asheville NC. (Ross and James are self proclaimed kayak video experts and grade A wise guys.)

So, top 10 things that make kayak videos good or stupid or whatever…
1. Helicopters
2. Locals Dancing with Sticks
3. Scooter Shuttles
4. some sort of driving montage
5. Kid in a helmet way too big for them, preferably a local
6. Goats, Donkeys and Hippos
7. Broke Down Shuttle Vehicle Montage
8. Taxing portage sequence
9. Random Police officers and/or Local law enforcement
10. Some guy in a Pro-Tec going off a 50 upside down (carnage section)
James went as a broken kayak for Haloween…

Ross went as a guy on a whiskey wagon…

Don’t run with scissors.

Spencer Cooke, Effort.tv

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