I can’t believe we’re already through January. Spring has almost sprung, the grass has almost ris, and I’ll be driving all over the freakin’ place in about a month… dangit! I will say that I have enjoyed my winter hibernation. I’ve fattened up and am ready to get out and frolic.

Today I wanted to note that I have decided to archive all my videos onto youtube.com. My channel is youtube.com/kayakvideo where currently you can view 42 of my videos from 2005-2007. Subscribe to my channel and you’ll receive an automated email each time I add a new video. It’s fun! Everyone should try it. Out of all the videos I added last week the most popular so far has been a surf kayaking clip from the fall of 2005 during hurricane Ophelia.

Followed closely by the Green River Narrows fund raising project…

You can also view some of my favorite youtube videos. Lately I’ve been quite entertained by some Robot Chicken and The Mighty Boosh (thanks to Yonton for the introduction)…

That’s all. Good talk.

(my friend Clark was over last week and we had way too much fun with my macbook pro.)
Spencer Cooke, Effort.tv

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