Today is the turdteenth. It rained some. Maybe water tomorrow.

Recently I decided to put this little video together of all the footage of my kayaking from 2006. I had a great time last year and got to do all kinds of fun paddling. Plus, at the end of the year my wife and I got the best prize ever, our son. I’d say my favorite thing about kayaking, besides coming home to my wife and son, is all the different types of kayaking. If the variety wasn’t there I do believe I would get bored. I truly feel like doing it all, creeking, freestyle, surfing, touring, all disciplines, makes a person a better paddler. For example, I know that surf kayaking has made me a much better creek paddler and visa versa. I would strongly encourage any paddler to explore a new type of paddling that you haven’t experienced. Surfers should go playboating, creekers should go surfing, playboaters should go creeking! Cats and dogs living together, apples and oranges mingling, everyone getting along, no religion, no politics, no segregation, no fighting. I know what you’re thinking, complete and utter chaos for sure. Ah, nevermind all of that. Must’ve been something I ate.

Click play to watch my video

I credited everyone who shot footage of me in the video except for Caleb Coaplen. He shot one of the clips of me on Linville Gorge. Sorry I missed that Caleb. I kind of have a pet peeve about people not properly crediting photos and video. People usually don’t mind holding the camera for a second, but if the footage is used, give them credit. A small favor can help you out a lot and it only takes a second to type someone’s name.

Did I mention that I love shorebreak?

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