Busy, very busy, but no paddling lately. Green has been dry (or 60% anyway) and no rain. Yonton and I went to the Eternity hole a couple weeks ago and it is sick. Definitely the funnest play spot around and I can’t wait to go back. Oh, I now have a channel on broadbandsports.com/user/6279/profile which is basically youtube for sports. As a matter of fact all my videos on there are linked from my youtube account. Wow, amazing story wasn’t it?

If anyone liked the movie Shaun of the Dead, the same guys are coming out with a new movie this year called Hot Fuzz. It stars Shaun and Ed from Shaun of the Dead. I absolutely can’t wait to see this. Looks hilarious.
Rotten Tomatoes review
and Hot Fuzz offical site

Steve Althaus… you might know him as the 2006 Mustache King, and feeder of donkeys.

Anyway, Steve sent me this pretty funny web site yesterday. http://www.safenow.org/safenow.org . Every time I sit on a plane I look at those safety brochures and laugh my arse off. This site epitomizes that. It’s hirarious!

Oh, watch the Riot blog for a post coming soon because we are gonna unveil our most special, secret, stupendous, superlative, sacajawea-istic, silly, stupid, supersonic idea yet. You’ll see.

One more story. My wife and son went to the zoo in Greenville SC last week. They saw a monkey there. Here’s the photo. Guess what that thing hanging down is? Your first guess is probably wrong. Guess again, you will not like the answer. Haha!


Oh yeah, Boone Baglery is the best place to eat. Clark thinks so too. Later, Spencer

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