There’s a podcast that I listen to regularly that always plays audio clips from this video, “Leprechaun Sighting.” I had seen it before but after hearing the audio for the millionth time I was finally persuaded to look it up on youtube again. Now… if this doesn’t convince you not to do drugs then I’m not sure what will. On the other hand it could cause you to start doing drugs…

I guess I should talk about something paddling related. Here’s something. I haven’t paddled with my very good friend Ray Cotton in quite some time, months actually. Ray said he hadn’t paddled since October when he and Drew Hayes went surf kayaking in Panama. So, we met at the Green a couple days ago for a nice run at 100%, which turned out to be 200%. It seems that someone fell asleep in the powerhouse and fell on the lever that lets the water out. Must’ve been Homer Simpson. Here was Ray styling it out as usual, off the couch even.

In other news my wife and I decided it was time to introduce our son to the finer things in life. First on the list was the appreciation of donkeys. He’s got it dialed already.

I have nothing more to offer today which is fine since I’m the only one who reads my blog.

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