Back in October Ray Cotton and Drew Hayes did a surf trip to Panama and found some large waves. They took one of my video cameras and got a few shots. Well, the footage wasn’t that great but I was able to pull some still grabs from it so you can see the size of the stuff they were surfing… enormous.

Of course the normal tomfoolery was at hand. Driving across rivers way too fast in the rental vehicle.

And they probably yelled at those cows when they got close enough.

This is Ray. Drew was not available for a photo session. The last time he had his glamour shots done he swore he’d never step foot in front of a camera again. That silly puddy accident taught him a lesson.

That little thing at the top of the wave is Ray dropping in.

This was a quite impressive double-up wave that Drew managed to escape. Drew seems to be able to sprout wings out of his butt and fly out of some of the nastiest waves you’ve ever seen. I don’t know how he does it. Scary. Sometimes Drew just sprouts the wings for no reason at all. He doesn’t even have to be kayaking. I think he’s just showing off his butt wings.

Maybe at some point they’ll expand on the trip report but for now that’s all I know. They did mention a couple really bad beatings and one swim that scared them pretty bad. Sounds like Panama in October is large and in charge.

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