so last night i had a surreal dream that i was at the green race and it was at the new river dries. everyone was getting ready for the race but there was this huge wave that looked awesome but it was diagonal so nobody could stay on it in a play boat. i’m not sure why they were in play boats for the race. then, jud watkins shows up in his international surf boat and starts ripping it up, doing all sorts of stylish tail slashes and blunts. the many spectators were impressed. later on chris gragtmans and i were getting ready for the green race in some house upstream from the wave and i looked down and saw some other guy in an ic boat surfing it up on the wave. for some reason i think it was some older british guy. not sure who but the reason i think that is because he was in one of those double dutch ic boats. then things go even more weird. somehow chris and i ended up going paddling somewhere else and suddenly realized that we missed the green race. chris was devastated and i told him not to worry about it because he could just tell people that he decided to skip a race so that he could train up really good for the next year. i’m not sure if he bought that but he didn’t argue. after that i was suddenly paddling out in a surf break. i kept paddling through waves and just making it past each one but i could never quite get to the outside of the break. there was some kind of machinery driving up and down the sidelines of the break. i think it was one of those machines that paints the lines on highways. there was a guy standing on the side of he machine looking down. anyway, it was weird that there were sidelines. suddenly i was on what seemed to be a football field, but there were still waves and i was still in the break. only now the waves were coming through the ground so when a swell was moving toward me it looked like the mound of dirt that flies up in front of bugs bunnie’s head when he trowels through the ground just under the surface. or like that creature in the movie tremors. or you know when the space ship crashes at the end of the movie men in black and all that dirt is flying up in front of it. that’s kind of what it looked like, and the waves were really huge. i was paddling my butt off trying to make it to the outside of the break. i wanted to surf one of these giants so badly. they were shaped perfectly and looks so beautiful, all covered in grass and dirt. meanwhile there was a sports team, i think it was football, practicing on the field as well. every wave that i made it by was followed by another even larger one. finally when i made it to the outside of the break the waves subsided and now they were rolling up the astro turf and closing the stadium. the last thing is that i was sitting at the top of some stairs in a house. i thought i was at the top of a wave about to drop in but i turned out to be this staircase. it was kind of a suburbia house, like in christmas vacation. so i’m sitting there and i asked somebody (maybe it was clark w griswold) if i could catch this last wave before they rolled up the carpet. they said yeah that’s fine. so i decided to drop in but all i really did was slide down these carpeted stairs on my butt, bump bump bump bump bump. i guess i was surf kayaking, not board surfing because the sitting down part makes sense. i woke up this morning once i got to the bottom of the stairs. i was dreaming hard and for some reason all of this stuck with me today so i decided to write it down.

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