Recently Chris Gragtmans and I took a kayaking trip to BC’s world class Skookumchuck wave. We had an awesome trip but were greatly disappointed that logging may drastically and negatively change the environment there.

Click here to watch the Skook Video from

Citizens of Egmont (Skookumchuck), BC and a group of concerned kayakers are making efforts to stop a logging operation that will threaten the water source for the town and no doubt leave a nasty eye sore for paddlers and other tourists to see. Please take a moment to write the forestry rep in Egmont, BC. THE DEADLINE to write IS JUNE 6th.

Please read this letter to kayakers from the Skook locals:

An Open Letter to all White Water Kayakers

The village of Egmont, BC, is asking for the help of all kayakers who have ridden (or aspire to ride) the waves of the Skookumchuck Rapids. We have learned that a logging company has acquired the logging license in this area. The logging plans involve three huge clear cuts on the local watershed with one that extends right to the Skookumchuck Trail within the Provincial Park. Also, there is a planned cutblock that would mow down the trees along Egmont Road from Highway 101 to North Lake; a huge cutblock off of Maple Road; and another cutblock on the watershed at the north end of Ruby Lake. As well, the company plans to log Sechelt Nation Reserve lands just inside the Sechelt Inlet just past the rapids.

The residents of Egmont asked if the logging company would take a sustainable logging approach but they said no and so the area’s residents have said no to the logging company. We now ask for your support to keep the logging out of this area. We ask that you email the forestry rep before a June 6th deadline at
and copy that email to us at

Please address your email to:

Cam Forrester, R.P.F., Consulting Forester
6231 Sunshine Coast Highway, Sechelt, BC V0N 3A7
Tel: 604-885-7142, Fax: 604-885-7112

We will be posting all information about this proposed logging and our efforts to stop it on our blog at We look forward to your support.


Friends of Egmont

Click here to watch the Skook Video from including information regarding the logging.

And incredibly majestic scene.

If you have been to Skook you know how beautiful it is and that its beauty is worth preserving. You can make a difference by sending a short email protesting the logging operation.


Spencer Cooke,

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