“I have to think like an adult here.” This is the response I was given by a friend of mine recently when I suggested to him that he should send an entry in to the IR Vacation to Hell. Don’t get me wrong, this is a friend who I respect. The reason this stuck out in my mind is because I realized that I would never say something like, “I have to think like an adult here,” and I certainly would not rationalize why I couldn’t enter the IR event because of my adulthood, or lack thereof. This was one of his reasons for not being interested in the event. Now, if being and adult consists of restricting yourself from things such as the aforementioned then I have another quote for you from one of the greatest punk bands ever, The Descendents – “I don’t want to grow up.” My son agrees.


Adult, Spencer Cooke

Here are some of my best friends “thinking like adults.”

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