How to break through the surf

This is an article I wrote this spring that has just been published in Paddler Magazine. Due to space constraints all the photos that I intended to go along with the article didn’t make the cut. I have included those extra photos in this post to further explain the techniques described in the article.

Additionally, come join me on October 19-21 for a surf kayaking class at Cape Hatteras, NC. I will be co-instructing the course with Philip Aschliman through NOC’s instruction program. You will be able to sign up through
In the meantime I have put together a short video teaser of the skills you can learn in this class, incliding how to paddle out, as detailed in the below article. Download the video by clicking here!

Please enjoy,

Spencer Cooke,

Please click the image for the full size, legible article.

Click the image to see a full viewable size of this sequence.

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