A for Astral, E for Effort, O for OSM, W for why entitle it like this

I just have to say I’m psyched to be working closer with two great companies, Astral Buoyancy and OSM.  I’ll be repping (Not an actual word, repping.  For example, you never say “hey everyone, let’s go repping,” or “it’s repping season, let’s go rep.”) most of the same territory as I cover for IR and Shred Ready – basically the Southeast.

After the contract was signed and all the awards were given out I had the opportunity to shake hands with the man himself, Bryan Owen. It was a little stuffy in that room but well worth the twice baked potato and md rare filet mignon afterwards.

After the formalities we staked our claim and let me tell you, it's a beautiful 50 acre ranch with a large pond. I can't wait to get my bass lures out.

Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc.

ps. we had a real, New York City, Stocks and Bonds, Buy Low Sell High type of press release at SNEWS.  Check it out if you are not afraid of that kind of thing.

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