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Not often do I find myself being filmed kayaking since I’m usually the one behind the camera.  To my surprise I showed up in this video by my friend Adam Secrest.  Adam’s blog About half way through the video there is some Green River footage.  I’m in the gray/brown kayak, white helmet.

On the day that the footage was shot I ran Sunshine-Left for my first time ever.  This is a different, perhaps ballsier line on this rapid and frankly I’ve never been able to conjure up the nerves to make this run.  Regardless of experience running the main line on this rapid, when you go left vs. right it is a different move alltogether.  Thanks to the guidance and instructions of my good friend Chris Gragtmans and my unbeknownst motivation, I had a perfect line.  Hey Adam, thanks for shooting.  I didn’t event know you had your camera out.  I look forward to trying the same line again when I go back, though I haven’t been there in a solid two months.

Further, I found myself featured in a new film called DOWNUNDER THE HORIZON by Skippy Films.  I bought my copy at Diamond Brand in Asheville NC but I think it can be found at other retail stores and online.

Downunder The Horizon - Skippy Films

Downunder The Horizon - Skippy Films

I met Jez Blanchard two summers ago on the Green River in North Carolina.  He is an officer of the law, the hot fuzz if you will, out in Australia and is able to spend his summers teaching kayaking.  He is a rad kayak and c-1 paddler and subsequently a filmmaker.  I think you can reach he and his mates at This is a fun film with footage from all over the globe.

Hopefully everyone out there is finding some work and paying their bills… and getting to go kayaking.  Good day!

Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc

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