Blue Ridge Outdoors “No Way Out” article published

Recently I had the pleasure of working with an incredibly professional organization called Blue Ridge Outdoors, or BRO for short.  These folks produce a monthly publication that is widely distributed throughout the East in grocery stores, outdoor shops, restaurants and more.  Pick one up, its FREE!  In the May 2010 issue, pictured below, you can find my article about kayaking the Linville Gorge, which BRO entitled “No Way Out.” The featured photos were taken by Chris Stafford.

Blue Ridge Outdoors May 2010 Issue

Below is what the article looks like in print, and for those who may be interested in the unedited version, there are about 100o additional words.  I feel certain that BRO did a great job editing my writing, and that without question, less words are more likely to be read than more words.  So, for anyone who is so inclined, you may download the .pdf of the unedited version here.

BRO May 2010 - Linville Gorge "No Way Out" article

Thanks to my readers, and a special thanks to Shari Robins, Drew Hayes, Rion Smith & Lolly Smith for proof reading the article for me.

Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc

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