Brad Kee’s Birthday Mix at THE EDDY FEELING premiere in Asheville NC

Brad Kee is a long time paddling buddy of mine. As long as I have kayaked, I have known Brad. He was there when I hit my first roll. We ran the Watauga Gorge and Green Narrows together for the first time.
(Brad and i below watauga falls – summer 1996)

We don’t see one another so much these days and only paddle together once in a long while. That’s why I was excited to look at my calendar when scheduling the premiere of my new film, THE EDDY FEELING, to find out that it was also Kee’s birthday. I decided to put together a little surprise video mix for him to celebrate the occasion. Thanks to Chris Gallaway and Gragtmans for supplying some footage and photos.

020509_wookee1_taga1997.jpgLet me explain the choice of music used in the video. Simply put, Brad’s stature is that of a Wookie, thus he earned (years ago) the title “Wookee,” a blend of Wookie and Kee (his last name). The song in the video is called “Hey Chewbacca,” by a band called Oblivion. Due to the punk rockedness and loudnessness of the song, I don’t think most anyone picked up on the Wookie joke at the premiere the other night.

Further, there is even a rapid on the Upper North Fork Catawba River called Wookees and Cream. It can be seen in one of the Falling Down Films by BJ Johnson and Katie Nietert. If I recall it was the film, WET ONES. Brad and friends first descended a couple of the drops on that creek, one of which is a slide terminating in a sticky hole. Brad swam out of there twice that day earning himself the title of that rapid.

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(brad is pictured here at the bottom of a 25 footer on the upper n fork catawba, circa 1998.)

On 02.05.09 the Asheville Pizza Co. was a superb venue as always and the folks there are extremely hospitable and kind. Plus, the food is great.
This marks the 9th year in a row that I’ve been having video premieres at APB and I hope to have a few more there. Thanks to Diamond Brand Outdoors for coming out and giving some door prizes and selling stuff for Rapid Transit.

In the New Year of 2000 I organized a premiere of my first kayak video, Buck Fever, held at Asheville Pizza Co. If I recall we packed the house then and we did it once again last night. Thanks again to all who came out to view the new film and to all who helped spread the word. Another thanks to those who bought DVDs and T-shirts. The last three films, including this one, that I have produced have been sponsor and advertising free, therefore the only money we’ve made on them have been through DVD sales. I don’t mind doing free showings of the films once in a while but it is very appreciated when folks exhibit patronage. I’m not begging for money, just trying to be straight up about the facts. I will always do my best to return the gesture of goodwill in the paddling community when I can.

We plan on showing Joey Hall’s new surf/kayak/travel film , INTERFERENCE, when it comes out this spring. Stay tuned.

Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc

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