DOWNSTREAM MOVEMENT – Feature Length Film: Cooper’s video journals from New Zealand in 2008

Finally we launch Cooper Lambla’s fourth and final edition from his 2008 New Zealand Video Journals.  This time we have included the entire story in a feature length film, courtesy of Associate Producer, Shred Ready.  If you have already seen Coop’s first three NZ video journals then you will be pleased to find the final 18 minutes of the film are totally new footage. Total running time is 47 min 17 sec.

DOWNSTREAM MOVEMENT: Whitewater Kayaking New Zealand from Effort Inc on Vimeo.

Soundtrack by:
The Port Huron Statement –
Clutch –
The Oatmeal Conspiracy –
LaGrecia – – PR:
Paint it Black –
Liquid Limbs – – PR:
The Measure (SA) – – PR:
Joan of Arc –
Snowden –

Huge thanks to: jade_tree_logo_web.jpgsouthernlovin.jpgsuburbanhome.jpgsr_bottomright_web.jpg

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