FEST 11 Trip Report, Photos & Videos

FEST 11 Collage - Your bands could be our lives!

Gray and I, FEST bound - Asheville to Gainesville in 8 hrs

Bridge and Tunnel from NY was one of the first bands we saw. It was a great start to our FEST and hear Rachel (guitar/vocals) announce that she was two-years sober. She reminded people in a party atmosphere to keep in mind that not everyone was there for debauchery, and that some people may have attended simply to see good music. I applaud Rachel for her message and accomplishments.

Bridge and Tunnel - quality show, well worth it if you get the chance. I love this band and their reminiscence of Hot Water Music blended with their own unique sounds. They have a strong female and male vocal balance that gives depth to their music from one song to the next.

The Di Marcos, an Asheville NC band. Who knew we would drive 8 hours to see a band from home. They were pretty badass. Real gargly, throaty vocals that I would compare to the sound of Off With Their Heads.

The Snakehealers, Country-Rock from Gainesville FL, can skin a buck and run a trot line. See the music video below of their song, MURDER BALLAD. Their new album is out on 12/07/12

We had a nice tour of them gator swamps and had a great time catching up with our old friend Chad Smith

Step on Spida!

Many a rocker waited in line for greatly anticipated FEST shows

Good Luck, great show. I was really excited to finally get to see Good Luck. If you want to feel like you won something, just listen to this band. Somehow their music gives you an all around victorious feeling.

Just ask these people if you don't believe me

AVAIL himself, Tim Barry speaks to the crowd. Haven't seen him perform in years. The dude is still pissed and quite passionate about what he says.

Ninja Gun played their final show. They have a surf-country-punk-rock-indie sound straight from Gainesville FL. Highly recommended.

Valient Thorr - These guys freakin' destroyed it. If you like punk rock, metal and AC/DC you are probably listening to Vailent Thorr, or sholud be. That singer was a hoot to watch. He looked like Zach Galifianakis, Yosemite Sam and Satan combined! Cool to find out these guys are from North Carolina.

HIGH VOLTAGE, a Gainesville FL based, Bon Scott-era AC/DC Tribute band. There is a great musical background and diversity in this group, including band members from Gainesville Florida's Snakehealers, Whiskey and Co, and more.

Country and Bluegrass bands like Whiskey and Co (pictured here), Snakehealers, and Greenland is Melting are making sounds that bridge the gap between the indie/punk/folk and country genres. Whiskey and Co played beautifully.

Greenland... is Melting your ears completely off of your numb skull!

I heard the sounds of the Underground Railroad to Candyland echoing in the streets of Gainesville and simply followed my nose to the source. Great performance for the three songs I got to see.

The legendary Propagandhi slayed the FEST until it was so dead and stinky that it died and stunk up the place. This was an IN-credible show. Enjoy the videos.

We drove home to frightful news about the monstrous super-storm, Hurricane Sandy.

Thanks to our good friend Tony Weinbender and all the FEST workers who made this incredible event happen for the 11th time.

– Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc.

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