Idiocracy is upon us

I recommend this movie, IDIOCRACY.  There is a chance, in my opinion, that our nation could soon become a little bit closer to this satirical depiction.

Idiocracy is by Mike Judge (Beavis and Butthead), starring Luke Wilson (Old School, The Royal Tennenbaums) and Maya Rudolph (SNL). It might take a bit for it to sink in, depending on your taste in films, perhaps an acquired taste, but to me it is a hilarious take on our civilization and a scary prophecy (perhaps).  I think it’s a brilliant film, genius even.

2 Responses to “Idiocracy is upon us

  • I totally agree. One of the best films ever. Too bad like 6 people saw it.

  • Yea, it really sucks that the movie studio buried that film..they didnt appreciate a lot of the anti-consumerism stuff in it.

    I think its the kind of movie thats a lot funnier after it has a while to set in and you get to think about it a bit…good stuff.

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