IR has a bunch of new stuff for 2012.

Check out these bideos of the new stuff IR is coming out with for 2012.

Jon Harmon, Available 2012

Jon Harmon will be available in 2012, while supplies last.

Kling-On Empire, behold.

Rival Semi-Drytop

Arch Rival Drytop

IR Swelbo Pad is back!

John Weld doesn't need your guns, cause he's got these guns. The IR Swelbo pad is coming back and it is going to pad your silly little swelbos.

Demshortz and Huck z gnar Shorts

Fusilli, Weld, Odd Moment

This was a terribly odd moment.

Hiro and myslef at the IR booth

I got to say hi to and old friend, Hiroshi Enomoto.

Later we all celebrated with some cheeseburgers,

Thanks, Spencer Cooke

3 Responses to “IR has a bunch of new stuff for 2012.

  • Please put 5 Jon Harmon’s on my preseason please.


    • Ooh, you’re just a little too late, sorry. Maybe next year you can get your order in on time and take advantage of the savings.

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