Is this what’s wrong with christmas?

Or, is the fact that this photo is so dang creepy just a christmas gift in disguise?  Either way I am very amused.  Amused… as well I am thinking that this photo reminds me of Dan Aykroyd in Trading Places.  Anyone see that movie?… Agent Orange, Quart-o-blood technique?… anybody?  No?

I have been a lame blogger this year and I only expect to get lamer as time goes by… well, since blogs and blogging just becomes more and more awful and unbearable every painful second.  I saw a shirt that says “this shirt has been read more times than your blog,” and that pretty much says it all.  So, if you’re reading this then you should probably take a rock, bat, rifle, bow & arrow or some other blunt, sharp or destructive tool or object and go ahead and destroy your computer.  No wait, don’t do that.  Bad bad bad bad bad idea.  Ahhhhh, just talk to someone instead of reading someone on the internet(s, haha, george bush funny and almost gone).  I should take my own advice, or at least some of it.  The funny thing is that basically everyone is just blogging to themselves at this point and there are like five blogs in the world that anyone reads.  I think it’s funny.  I remember back when we began LVM, Joey Hall was telling us about these things called blogs and how we should use them to post news and stuff about our videos and whatnot.  We were like yeah okay, and of course we never did it until he did it for us.  Joey is not too smart, nor is he coming out with a new surf kayaking movie called Interference “a kayak surf film.” So, don’t check that out on his lame lame lame lame lame blog.

Now, I only want to talk about two more things before we plunge into the future that is to be 2009 years after the lord of our birth.

Thing number 1 (one), MUSIC.  That is, Music of New Year nostalgia.  There are two songs/bands that I’d love to recommend to the two people who have ever read this blog.  First up is an old time favorite of mine, the band Youth Brigade and the song is called “The Last Day of the Year,” released on their own record label BYO in 1996 on an album called TO SELL THE TRUTH.
It is a song that I like to listen to or at least think of on this very day every year.  It’s a mix of Spanish and English sung in the spirit of “glad I’m alive,” and remembering, regretting this year and changing your ways for the next.  Great song, great album, great band.  I highly recommend this album and another called HAPPY HOUR.
You can listen to a sample or buy at iTunes at this link (link below opens the iTunes application on your computer).

Second is a song called “This Year” by a band I was turned on to, well, this year, called Defiance Ohio.  Here’s their web site, I could use like ten curse words right now to enthusiastically descirbe just how excited I am about this group, but I’m not going to because of the children, wherever the children are.

Not often will I listen to a new album over and over and over and over and never get sick of it, but I just can’t stop absorbing this sound, the lyrics, the feelling, the whole thing.  If I was explaining this band to any of the late 90’s Boone punkers, namely those who attended shows at the Jesus Saves place, I would compare the band to Pink Collar Jobs, and so much that I would say that if you liked Pink Collar Jobs and their later band from Asheville, Dead Things, then you would without a doubt love Defiance Ohio.  Let me describe them in another way.  Have you seen the movie Juno?  Did you like the soundtrack, especially the guitar duo stuff the two were playing at the end of the movie?  Take that type of feel, with male and female vocals, and make it harder, punker, add drums, bass and cello and there you have it.  A very unique, rocking, likeable, loveable sound, good for any occasion.  My son even likes it.
Defiance, OHIO is on No Idea Records and you can buy their CDs and records there.  You can listen to a sample or buy at iTunes at this link (link below opens the iTunes application on your computer).

…which brings my last topic to the table.  Defiance, OHIO has three songs on my newest film that is to be released in January, 2009, that’s right, the year that starts in T-minus 7 hours.  I planned on being finished with this thing back in October and have been working on it for a year.  It is the monkey on my back and I am trying to shed the thing but it just won’t let go.  The film, which will be on DVD-video is entitled THE EDDY FEELING “a film by the producers of” and can be pre-purchased at the and Rapid Transit store.  Now, this film is about THE EDDY FEELING which you will just have to discover by watchng the film itself, but the main river it focuses on is the Linille Gorge.
I have been shooting video and photos out there for the past two years in preparation for this film.  This has been the longest and by far the most tedious editing process I have ever endured and I will be pleased to give it a rest and call it finished.  Please visit the Rapid Transit web site to find about about premiere dates and to see trailers and more info about the film.

Happy New Year, and “La vida buena es simple todo es bien bueno con alegria.”

Spencer Cooke
Effort Inc

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