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If you know about that doesn’t necessarily mean you know Luis Pedro Abreu, but you should know that he is the man behind the website.  I definitely didn’t know him, except over email, until the 2009 World Kayak Surfing Championships in Portugal last summer. is for all intensive purposes, the hub of kayak surfing on the internet, period.  If it’s going on in the surf kayaking world, Luis probably knows about it and is reporting on it at his site.  Since I wanted to know more about Luis and his website, I figured more kayak surfers out in the world probably did as well, thus the interview.  As you’ll see, Luis is a very down to earth, humble, friendly guy who just happens to be completely bonkers over surf kayaking.  He just decided to do a little more with all his enthusiasm than most folks would.  Please enjoy the video and get to know Luis and

Luis, myself and Russ Buskirk at the 2009 Worlds in Portugal

Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc

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