New Heehaw Jones video I just discovered

I was just looking at and discovered this ridiculous new video .

This next part I was forced to put on this blog because of some legal stuff regarding Heehaw. Basically, we have to sell these shirts for Heehaw Jones due to what his lawyers called “defamation of character” regarding his appearance in Enter The Donkey and Night of the Living Donkey. So, here it is, $12.99 a pop.

Buy it here, I guess… Store

Oh, I heard that Heehaw is going to make another public appearance at a Night of the Living Donkey & The Green Race Movie showing in Knoxville, TN. It’s at River Sports Outfitters on Tuesday March 11th, 7:30 PM. I’m sure he’ll be trying to sell more shirts and wanting to sign autographs for everyone. I guess that’s what pro paddlers do.


Spencer Cooke,

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