New Rapid Transit Video up from Cooper Lambla

Check out Cooper Lambla’s first video journal installment on Rapid Transit.

Notes: We have been having some major problems with the server we were using but we have changed the whole thing over as of today. It’s a real bummer because the site has only been up for a month now, but I think it’s all taken care of. It’s loading way quicker now.

If you have trouble viewing Rapid Transit Videos via our site, please notify us. Some suggestions to help you view the videos if you are in fact still having trouble.

1) Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash. There is a link directly on our home page for the latest download.

2) If that does not work for some reason you can view some of the RT videos in quicktime format in a few different spots.

First, you may go to and view in quicktime from their home page.

Next, you may subscribe to the Rapid Transit Podcast. Right now all our featured videos are available there and we are considering just putting all our stuff up as podcasts. You can go to the iTunes music store and search for Rapid Transit and get the free subscription. You can also subscribe on the Podcast link on our web site.

Lastly, on the Blog or Podcast link on our site you can view the videos in a Quicktime Popup Window.

I hope this helps all the interested viewers have a more enjoyable experience on our site.

Thanks and enjoy the videos,

Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc

PS. everyone should abide by the NO FRUIT BOOT POLICY. Just do it for the love of humanity.

photo courtesy Drew Hayes

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