NIGHT OF THE LIVING DONKEY – a zombie kayak film released in 2008

In a world full of unintentionally horrific, bro-bra kayak films, this had to be done, so we did it.  Released on DVD in 2008 by Spencer Cooke and Joey Hall, now here for you to watch entirely for free.  And just so you know, it has been banned on YouTube in certain countries.  Not sure why, but it has.  Now you know.


In a scene from the film, Heehaw Jones squares up with a real zombie and tells him what's up.

In a hidden scene after the credits, Heehaw Jones explains how he actually made a kayak horror movie with serial killers instead of zombies.

More info at the website

With a full on, hard core, punk rock, loud as hell soundtrack by:
Clutch, Wardance Orange, Stretch Armstrong, Herbal Flesh Tea, RPG, Fucked Up, Action Patrol, Paint it Black, Despistado, New Mexican Disaster Squad

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