Night of the Living Donkey, still alive

It’s been exactly one year since the attack of the zombies. Today is a day of celebration, a holiday of sorts. On January 31, 2008 this film premiered in Asheville NC at the Asheville Pizza & Brewing Company. If you missed this already-cult-classic it is never too late to see it.

Night of the Living Donkey – DVD Trailer from Effort Inc on Vimeo.


notld_joeyhall.jpgEdited and produced by cast members and fellow Rapid Transit Video Producers, Spencer Cooke & Joey Hall, this film shows you the fun we have as paddlers as well as filmmakers and showcases the best paddling we had in 2006-2007.

Those who may have enjoyed the quasi-prequel, Enter The Donkey, will love the humor, drama and paddling in this film.

Featuring: Alex Mohn, Cooper Lambla, Joey Hall, Dylan Bruce, Colin Kemp, David Finney, Brian Jennings, David Spiegel, Tino Specht, Andy Gates, Allen Young, Nathan Silsbee, Jeremy Adkins, Chris Gragtmans, Kelsey Thompson, Bryan Kirk & Spencer Cooke.

Buy the DVD at the Rapid Transit store.

Film Synopsis
NEWS FLASH! A toxic spill has polluted waterways and is infecting kayakers with plague-like symptoms. Those affected have been described as the walking dead. Paddlers and all citizens are warned to stay indoors and away from all water.

World Renowned, Professional Kayaker, Heehaw Jones…“The Pro’s Pro,” and a slew of other paddlers are living the good life of traveling, paddling and being sponsored. Does their fate lie in the clutches of Blood Thirsty Zombies? This is the greatest story ever told, unleashing the real account of what happened to all the pro kayakers when pandemonium struck.

Produced by:

Effort Inc
Deadman Productions


Soundtrack courtesy of:
Jade Tree, We Put Out Records, and more…

Clutch, Wardance Orange, Stretch Armstrong, Herbal Flesh Tea, RPG, F#@%*d Up, Action Patrol, Paint It Black, Despistado & New Mexican Disaster Squad.


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