Rapid Transit Video #13 – Vancouver, Whistler, BC local creeks

Rapid Transit Video Producer, Daniel Windham, has produced a really cool short film on some local creeks around the Vancouver and Whistler area of BC.

It’s a really handsome video and I recommend subscribing to the podcast. Daniel’s editing is mad stupid wack junk dat you gots to seez! He likes to get all crazy and carry two cameras in his kayak at once so he can film some actual film and then film some actual HD. One thing I wonder is if we are all incorrect saying that we are “filmmakers” and that we are “filming” when we are using digital cameras with these tiny tapes. I guess there is film in those tapes but isn’t a film camera one that holds film, like an 8mm or 16mm camera? Well, that’s what I think, and usually try not to say that I’m filming or that I’m a filmmaker because I don’t use “film” the traditional way. Unless film accidentally slips out I usually just say that I am videoing, which isn’t really a grammatically correct word, but that’s just how I am… I guess.

See Daniel’s rocket sauce inspiring video in Flash on the main Rapid Transit page at http://rapidtransitvideo.com/ and see what Daniel wrote about producing the video in his blog post http://www.rapidtransitvideo.com/blog/?p=63 where you can also view the video in Quicktime format or subscribe to the Rapid Transit Podcast.

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