Rapid Transit Video #16: – Spring 2008 B-roll – Raven, Elk, New, Nanty, Tuck, FB, USNWC

Spring 2008: March-June I shot a good handful of footage that never made it into any of our videos. Also, Daniel Windham and Chris Gragtmans contributed some nice footage from the Elk Gorge and the Fayetteville WV area. All in all this made for a fun Video-Podcast. The normal “edit-to-music” format wasn’t doing it for me so I decided to do more of a commentary style mixed with music. You’ll see once you get into the video.

Rapid Transit Video #16: – Spring 2008 B-roll – Raven, Elk, New, Nanty, Tuck, FB, USNWC from Effort Inc on Vimeo.

(Ben Blake drops Compression Falls on the Elk Gorge. Photo: Chris Gallaway) Enjoy footage from the Raven Claw, the Elk Horn, New Edition, Ride Nanty Ride, Tuck Medicated, Free Billy & Underrated Stormtroopers Not Wielding Camel-toes. Featuring the kayak daredevil talents of: Chris Gragtmans, Pat Keller, Kirk Eddlemon, Daniel Windham, Chris Gallaway, Ben Blake, Jesse Wilensky, Kelsey Thompson, Bryan Kirk, Brian Jennings, David Finney, Daniel Dutton, TR Yon, Andy Gates, HRM, Craig Parks, Jason McClure, Nathan Silsbee, Stephen Page, Chris Stafford, Chris Wing-ding-dang-diddly-doo, Garrett Bryant, Fergus Coffey and myself. Whew, that is an long list of cast members, and a long video… 14 + minutes.


(rapid transit in nature. photo: chris gallaway) Soundtrack, in order of ahhearance by: Algebra One, the Pee Tanks & Clutch. Intro music by F*%&$# Up, courtesy Jade Tree. I’d also like to make a special announcement regarding a future Rapid Transit production. We will be premiering our first feature length DVD at Asheville Pizza Company on Thursday, October 30th, 2008. We’ll have much more information including a movie trailer here soon.

Further, I’d like to send you over to the IR Mustache King to see who’s vying for the huge prize purse in this year’s Curt Davis Invitational Mustache Growing Contest of Paddlesports. http://mustacheking.blogspot.com/ Thanks for visiting Rapid Transit, Spencer Cooke, Effort.tv


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