Rasslin Gear

If you ain’t bought your Rasslin Gear yet I have two suggestions that will compliment your mullet and mustache.

rassler2fullAstral’s Rassler is the ultimate shoe for whitewater kayakers, offering a confidence inspiring grip on slick surfaces, rapid drainage and drying, light weight and superb ankle support.  Rasslin with your favorite whitewater rapids isn’t all you can do with this shoe.  Like the rest of Astral’s footwear collection you can stylishly wear the Rassler off the water as an everyday shoe or during any number of activities where grip and proprioception are paramount.  Just use your imagination and you’ll see that these are not just a great pair of Rasslin shoes.

k2unionIR’s K2 Unionsuit is a must for anyone needing insulating layers for multiple outdoor sports or activities.  Originally made for and by kayakers, the Unionsuit works perfectly for alpine wear, hiking, camping and just about any occasion when you need to insulate your body.  This thin layer of fleece has a soft waffle pattern inside that bears an R1 insulation value.  It’s thin enough to be overkill on a cool, sunny day when you’re maintaining a warm body temperature, and at the same time the perfect thickness for effectively wicking moisture away from your skin.   The K2 is also great for Rasslin.

Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc.

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