Riot Ninja 7’6″ Prototype Testing in Tropical Storm Hannah Surf

Greetings Rapid Transit Podcast subscribers.  Riot has released three new surf kayaks that will be available this winter.  This video shows you some action from the prototype boats and some of the Riot team paddlers.

After a lot of blood sweat and tears, we (Andy Gates, Joey Hall, Spencer Cooke, Antnee Bell) finally got the prototypes of the Ninja 7’6″ on the water this past weekend, just in time for some Tropical Storm Hannah swell in Wilmington NC.

We checked the reports, watched the weather, and got on the water soon after the storm passed through, catching some great waves as the conditions got good. Most of the board surfers we met were really cool and had good things to say about our rides, which was really nice to hear.

So far, I’m really impressed with the Ninja 7’6″, it is fast and nimble…but I’ll let the video do the talking and you can decide for yourself.

You can see more of the Ninjas in Interference, a surf kayaking film that I’ve been working on this past year. It is due out this coming winter. Check for more details.

See the Riot Surf Kayak site for more info and pricing on the new boats.  Here is a direct link that gives you pricing and availability.  CLICK(Music in the video is (appropriately) by Ninja Gun from and

Joey Hall

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