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Dear self, I have told you this before but you’re just writing all these blog posts to yourself.  You are wasting your time.  Go spend some time with your family, go outside, go kayaking, make some home improvements, stop being such an antisocial computer nerd.  Okay self, as soon as I do just one more post I’ll get on with my life…

the_eddy_feeling_cover_wrap_web.jpgJust trying to do some early Spring cleaning around my office and officially bring 2008 to a close.  After spending most of the Fall and Winter editing THE EDDY FEELING, my latest kayaking film, the quarters I call “office” appear to have been slain by a mighty storm, dragon or perhaps a gigantic fart, more likely.  Could have been Trogdor the Burninator who pillaged my village.  (Thank you odd tangent.)  I have put off just about any and everything I can in order to finish this video.  I feel proud to have poured myself into this project but I feel ashamed that my son and wife have suffered my mental absence.  Now, the following is all my own fault and I’m mostly complainng to myself and not asking for pity.  I will have little or nothing to show for it once the DVDs are sold.  At best I’ll break even after paying for the DVD replication and all the expenses involved in the production process.  To add insult to injury, no subsidising from spnosors, advertisers or executive producers.  Boo hoo, right?  Well at least I’ll feel accomplished, maybe?  The people to thank for making this film finally come to fruition are the other Rapid Transit Producers and largely the record labels and bands who so graciously allowed me to use incredible sounds derived from their hearts and minds.  A list of those bands can be found at this page http://www.rapidtransitvideo.com/blog/?p=207 I shold have learned my lesson at some point during the first 20 kayak films I produced instead of ten years later.  Glutton for punishment, cry out for attention, creative bug, sensitive artist, what the hell is my problem?  Maybe just a bad case of gonaherpasyphilaids.  Put some windex or tussin on it.

Since I launched Effort.tv in 2005 I’ve tried to use the blog as a scrapbook for my work, be it published photos, video productions or simple journal entries.  I gained a handful of press this year that promoted Effort Inc and its affiliates.  This included some of my photography and some photos that were taken of me that were published, not to exclude some writing I did for magazines, a couple interviews, also some random marketing materials I was somehow involved with.

As an IR sales rep I was pleased to design these post-card catalogs in 07-09.
ir2007cheatsheet ir2008cheatsheet

I got to do this really fun surfing trip in Morocco in January of ’08 and quite a bit of media has spilt from that endeavor.  We did a short film on the Rapid Transit site about that trip – Rapid Transit Video #11 – Morocco Surf Kayaking Adventure – and a full account of Morocco and more surfing adventures is coming out on DVD soon from Joey Hall and his company, Deadman Productions.  The film is called INTERFERENCE.
Joey, Nathan & I were able to have an interview with Canoe & Kayak and they used some of my photos from the trip.
rapid_fall08_surf_article ckuk_aug08_moroccosurf
Rapid Magazine did a surf article that I was lucky to be a part of.  Nathan Eades took that photo of me.  Nathan also did a two part article in a couple issues of Canoe & Kayak UK that I slipped into.  That was another photo from the same break.

ab_08-09_workbook rapid_fall08_ab_ad
A longtime sponsor of mine, Aquabound paddles, did a print brochure and some magazine ads with more photos from the Morocco trip.  One shot of me by Nathan Eades and another shot of Joey Hall and I.

Paddlinglife.net did a story about the demise of Necky Whitewater Kayaks.  I used to work with Necky so they interviewed me about the topic.  The photo is of me on the Linville Gorge paddling the Necky Blunt on the rapid Twiggy’s Revenge.

I don’t work with the brand H2o Audio any longer but they did use a photo of me on the back of their Surge Headphone packaging.  The shot was taken by Huge Experiences.

Recently I had an interview with the Portuguese Surf Kayak web site about designing the new surf kayaks for Riot.  This is a screen shot from that piece and a link to the full thing, translated in English at Playak.com http://playak.com/article.php?sid=1393

Riot ran an ad campaign called “think BIG” to promote their new big boats.  In this ad I am running the Great Falls of the Potomac in the Riot Thunder.  Photo is by Andy Gates.

Finally, the Riot 08-09 catalog featured a page about me followed by the new surf kayaks that Drew Hayes, Ray Cotton and I designed for them.

riotcatalog_0809_surfpage2 riotcatalog_0809_surfpage1
The photos are by Drew Hayes, Nathan Eades and myself.

That’s gonna be all for this installment.  I used to do posts several times a week but parenthood has altered my schedule and changed my priorities to say the least.  If you (I) are interested in viewing all of my archived and published print media over the past few years please do so at this place http://effort.tv/2008/pix/effortinc_published/index.html

With the recent news of Voodoo (Riot Kayaks’ parent company) becoming bankrupt I am no longer under contract with them.  I’m still hoping to get a hold of the surf kayaks that we worked on for nearly a month in ’08 and plan to continue to paddle my Riot boats, especially the Magnum, because I truly enjoy those things.

I am very greatful for the companies that have supported me and given me work in the past and who continue to do so.  Some of those include IR, Shred Ready, Riot, Mion, Astral and H2o Audio.  I also want to show gratitude to the magazines who have been shown such hospitality as to publish and purchase some of my photography and writing, namely Paddler Magazine and Canoe & Kayak.  Thanks to the folks at these companies and to those retailers and consumers who have supported all the aforementioned brands.

This post has been all about me me me and my my my, so to offset the selfishness of it I have helped several old ladies across the street, and one chicken.  I’ve also bought several boxes of girlscout cookies, donated an old toilet to habitat for humanity and helped a kitten out of a tree.  I didn’t shower all week so that has to count for something too.


Spencer Cooke
Effort Inc

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