Some things I’m excited about – Oatmeal, Morocco, Donkeys and Zombies

Hi there to my two lovely readers! I have several bits of news on the tip of my tongue and want to share a little of all of it.

is a new kayak/horror video I’ve been working on for over a year and it’s finally complete. Special people like you may have the opportunity to attend the world premiere in Asheville NC this Thursday night, January 31 at 9pm. Not special people, not like you, may see it on DVD. Even more not special people will never see it and that does not hurt my feelings. Please go visit the web site for the video at Otherwise don’t go visit any web site at all. You can purchase the DVD via the site. Additionally you can buy the soundtrack straight from iTunes. Ten of the sixteen tracks from the video are available.

Secondly, I am really excited to announce a new album by my good friends, The Oatmeal Conspiracy. “Friends and Family” is out now and available on their myspace page. You can listen to most of the album there and purchase as well.
A quick view of the album cover…

I am a huge hard core and punk rock lover and those genres consume most of my music collection, though I love lots of other indie, 70s & 80s, hip hop, bluegrass and other music types. Oatmeal have described themselves before as a Jazz Pop band and that does cover some of their sound in my opinion, but not all. Here’s my best description of The Oatmeal Conspiracy based on this new record. Ready?

If Steely Dan, Beck, Ween, Jamiroquai and Billy Joel made sweet, sweet, romantic, passionate, sweaty love… the kind that hurts the next day, and spawned a three headed, six legged, drumming, keyboarding, saxophone playing, singing child, it would be The Oatmeal Conspiracy’s “Friends and Family” album.

Several of my online kayak videos over the past couple years have included songs from this album. These songs were in their metamorphic state at the time but have now reached full maturity on the album. If you have seen any of my Mion sponsored videos this year you will notice the little jingle at the beginning of the video as the intro to the track, Shady Shack. The most apparent song based on my description of the album is the brand new track, Stephen. Check it out on myspace and buy the album if you are so inspired.

Last, I just got back from a two week surf kayaking trip to Morocco and it was fannnnnntastic. If you can come back here and visit in mid to late Feb I’m gonna have a huge journal from the trip with tons of photos and a video highlight of the trip. I think it will be enjoyable.

I wrote in my journal on a daily basis to bring you the hard cold and explicit facts. It will take a while to transpose all of it to the blog.

Joey and I sort of hugged beside this camel.

We sort of hugged again on this beach.

I’ve never seen so many donkeys in my life. My hair was messier than this one by the end of the trip.

There were waves.

Tom and Nathan saw us off at the airport and began their journey home in the van, back to the UK.

Joey is now hard at work on his new surf kayak film, INTERFERENCE, and will plan on releasing it on DVD later in 2008. It will feature our Moroccan journey as part of its storyline.

One more note. New post at the Drug Free Lifestyle blog by Chris Brigman.

Thanks for dropping by and I will hopefully be back to blog again.

Spencer Cooke

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  • Wow, that must have been an experience. All the donkeys, hugs from joey, and your wild hair. Were the locals friendly to some American blokes? Glad to see you had such an exciting adventure. I’ve had an adventure of my own this week. I’ve got pink eye from one of my little school kids.

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